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Service and Support


Lindgren Automation's commitment to it's customers goes beyond just providing quality manufacturing equipment. Lindgren's customers have the full commitment from our service department and it's resources. Our service team is highly trained to provide repairs in a number of emergency situations for equipment that is still under warranty or for individual service contracts.

Automated manufacturing equipment continually needs maintenance to maintain the equipments high levels of quality.  Lindgren offers preventative maintenance contracts for equipment that is no longer under warranty.  These service contracts ensure the equipment is running in top form for years to come. Software upgrades are also offered for modular manufacturing systems.  For further information on any one of these packages, contact Lindgren’s Service Department.


Lindgren Automation provides an in-depth and interactive training program with every system that we supply.  Our training programs uses a combination of real life scenarios and informative training packages to fully educate and prepare the customers operators and maintenance staff.  Our training programs have proven time and time again to fully educate the operator/maintenance personnel and prepare them to handle any possible scenarios.


Every system supplied by Lindgren Automation is provided with a spare parts list.  When spare parts are required the customer can refer back to the spare parts list provided and Lindgren Automation will supply the parts quickly and effectively.