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Press-line Equipment

In addition to our other systems, Lindgren develops and manufactures a wide range of coil straightening, processing and feeding systems used primarily by the metal stamping industry. A series of die carts and pressline destackers are also available.  Lindgren's experience and process know how helps us develop and design the finest Pressline systems available.  Shown on the right is a coil processing system used to straighten and feed coiled sheet metal into the press.  The coil processing system is capable of handling coils of varying weight, height, and width. Different size systems are available depending upon the application. 


Shown below is a die cart used to transfer dies in and out from the press area.  These systems are designed to be robust and flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of dies.  Depending on the products these dies ar designed for, these die carts can be capable of handling dies which weigh in excess of 10,000 lbs.








Shown below is a pressline destacker that was designed for a major tier one automotive manufacture.  The pressline destacker works along the same principals as the coil processing equipment described above.  During production, the destacker feeds sheets of metal into a press which the press then processes into the desired shape.  The benefit of a pressline destacker is that it allows the manufacture the option of feeding custom shaped blanks into the press.  This reduces the amount of waste normally attributed from processing sheets of coiled material. This material savings directly translates into a greater cost savings for the customer.