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Laser Weld Systems

Over the course of the past years, Lindgren has successfully ventured into the laser welding field. We have developed and manufactured a number of integrated laser weld systems for several automotive manufactures. Our systems have been used to manufacture products ranging from door panels to window support panels and various other automotive body panels.  Whatever the application Lindgren's integrated laser weld systems have been proven over time to produce quality parts that our customers have come to expect. 

The pictures show an integrated laser weld system that Lindgren designed for a tier one automotive supplier.  The CO2 laser weld system is a combination of a CO2 laser weld unit integrated with a material handling system that processes the blanks through the welding area.  Raw blanks are fed from destackers to the linear weld tables by material handling robots.  The weld tables will crowd the blanks then pass them underneath the laser weld head, which welds the blanks together.  Lindgren's laser weld systems maximizes the use of the laser welder by utilizing a beam switcher to re-direct the laser to a separate blank processing system.  By running the two systems concurrently, the customer can maximize the productivity of the laser weld system. 

 Lindgren's team of dedicated engineers can provide our customers with more than just reliable equipment. Lindgren can also help our customers develop the product by supplying them with a wide variety of services such as process development, prototyping, and laser integration.