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Large Module Assembly Systems

In addition to producing weld systems, Lindgren develops and manufactures large module assembly systems.  Our assembly systems are designed to manufacture products ranging from front-end bumper assemblies to rear suspension assemblies.  Our assembly systems are robust, flexible and designed with a number of products in mind.  Whatever the need, Lindgren provides their customers with equipment that always meets and exceeds their expectations.  The system on the left is designed to manufacture front end bumper assemblies for a large tier one automotive manufacture. The assembly system combines piercing, material bending, and MIG welding coupled with a material handling system to completely assembly the front end bumper assembly. This is one of many examples on how Lindgren works with their customers to develop a quality automated manufacturing system which both met and exceeded their expectations.


The system shown below is a combination of a dimpling unit with a material handling system.  This particular system was designed as a stand alone unit which was to be used in the post production of laser welded blanks.  The dimpling/material handling unit feeds a stack of laser welded blanks, presses dimples in pre-determined locations, flips the blank and stacks it on another pile.