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Our Facilities


Lindgren's success has been attributed to our ability to produce the finest quality automated manufacturing equipment.  For Lindgren to provide it's customers with quality manufacturing equipment they have come to expect, we have assembled the finest technicians and outfitted our facility with up-to-date manufacturing equipment.  With Lindgren, our customers can expect nothing but the finest technicians and manufacturing equipment at their disposal.

Our facility also features a machine shop which features the latest mills, lathes, and drill presses.  The machine shop includes a CNC department, which houses state of the art CNC mills and lathes.  Several large boring mills and lathes are also available whenever we are working with particularly large assemblies.  Our painting department features a large paint booth and the latest painting  equipment to give our customers equipment that high quality finish.   Our fabrication/welding and machine assembly departments each feature high tonnage crane which allows us to handle large assemblies with relative ease.   Finally, each department features the finest assembly technicians and machinists, so our customer can be assured they are receiving the finest manufacturing equipment.  With Lindgren's manufacturing capability there is nothing that we can't handle.  Our commitment to quality and service is evident with every piece of equipment we manufacture.