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Material Handling Equipment

Lindgren Automation's material handling systems are designed to work with any number of our existing products and applications.  Whether it is for assemblies that are works in progress, stacking applications, or part transferring systems, Lindgren always provides quality reliable equipment that truely stands the test of time.  The equipment shown are blank destackers used to separate unprocessed taylor welded blanks.  The blank stack is crowded, lifted to the pick-up position by a scissor lift and fanned by sheet separator magnets to ensure blank separation prior to pickup.  A Six-Axis robot fitted with an end effector will remove a blank from the destacker.  The above destacker was integrated into a laser weld system used to produce taylor welded blanks.  This equipment along with many others like it can be applied to any number of systems and designed for any number of products.  With Lindgren the possibilities are endless.

Shown below is an automatic pallet transfer system used for transporting pallets to and from a heat treatment furnace.  The transfer cart, such as the one shown here, is well suited for this particular type of work due to the hazardous nature of the work environment.  The material handling systems we manufacture can be custom tailored to your specific needs.  At Lindgren, no application is too challenging or difficult where we can't come up with the perfect solution.