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Projection | Spot Weld Systems

In addition to MIG and laser weld systems, Lindgren also designs and manufactures projection/spot weld systems.

Lindgren can design the systems as a stand alone cell or as part of a larger manufacturing system.  Pictured is an automatic resistance welding system for a major North American manufacture which is used to produce steering column assemblies.  The components are manually fed into the spot weld system and transferred through the weld system by material handling robots.  The spot welding system works in conjunction with a number of other operations such as stamping and projection stud welding.  This system combines various processes to manufacture the steering column assembly.

In order to complete the steering column assembly, it is broken up into a number of stages.  At each stage, the part is checked then processed to ensure that the assembly meets the customer\'s tight tolerance.  The system produces steering column assemblies at a rate of approximately 58 parts per hour.  Lindgren\'s resistance welding systems are durable, robust and flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of products.  For further information on our projection weld systems or any of our other products, please contact a member of our sales.